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End of the World

This is our future "bitcoin" one world order stuff... Be watchful unto prayer and redeem the time! Blessings in Christ! p.s. basically, technology (silicon valley) is anti-christ and attempting to give humanity power (tower of babel to false heaven) and through technology to advance medicine. Humanity to live longer (forever) = purpose of medicine (medi-sin) and technology provides (V/R) (A/R) into an alternative reality (because people want to escape and not humble themselves and to go to God for TRUE Reality and restoration of this reality) They will sell an alternative "matrix" cyber existence and people will buy into that plan of a man (corporations and beast(economic) kingdoms) instead of God's man and plan. alternatively, God could send meteors, destroy satellites and the internet structures SOLAR FLARE EMP and humanity enters some stone age, demonic (think dark ages) game of thrones, throwback stuff (where revelati
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Apologetics - imminent frame - what works - way forward

Prophecy  Truth Christ preached  (Paul's way - only power of cross has built in power to save a life… "wow, He died for me…" ) People stop for life and death situations.  This involves you! "Oh wow" Christians have what world is looking for,  but they don't know / haven't realized it... (Eternal love and acceptance (not "unconditionally", rather "covenant-ally")) Meaning purpose significance Forgiveness Peace Joy truth is the subject, yet objective and knowable understandable,  transcendent God made it by ( through ) faith,   by the foolishness of preaching People's rejection of God is spiritual, and expected (carnal mind is enmity with God,   cannot be subject to the law of God,  By nature you were children of wrath,  subject to fulfilling the lusts of the flesh and mind… Eph 2:3 ) you were free from righteousness but slaves to lawlessness leading to more lawlessness (Rom 6:19) (Transcend
Hello this is in response to the article "Grieving the Holy Spirit of God" I use voice typing please forgive the strange capitalization and formatting. Some more verses that help your non trinitarian point: Romans 8:16 spirit "itself," (helps make your point)  (King James has extra "him" - if the spirit of him who raised Christ from the dead - Rom. 8:11) Peter:  through the "divine nature", we escape corruption in the world.  It pleased the " Godhead"... My number one concern is who is interceding in Romans 8:26? Romans 8:34 says it's Jesus. Roman's 8:14, "led by the Spirit," Elsewhere,  it is "keep in step with the spirit" How does that work with "it's the spirit of God Almighty" position? If it was God wouldn't He just do what He wanted and take control?  where would be t