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Hello this is in response to the article "Grieving the Holy Spirit of God"

I use voice typing please forgive the strange capitalization and formatting.
Some more verses that help your non trinitarian point: Romans 8:16 spirit "itself," (helps make your point)  (King James has extra "him" - if the spirit of him who raised Christ from the dead - Rom. 8:11) Peter:  through the "divine nature", we escape corruption in the world.  It pleased the " Godhead"...

My number one concern is who is interceding in Romans 8:26? Romans 8:34 says it's Jesus.
Roman's 8:14, "led by the Spirit,"
Elsewhere,  it is "keep in step with the spirit" How does that work with "it's the spirit of God Almighty" position? If it was God wouldn't He just do what He wanted and take control?  where would be the following?
1st John might have the answer…
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Does it matter which denomination

It does matter - a love of the truth  A love of Jesus if not anathema
Each will give account for them self on that day He who keeps himself the evil one does not touch him
Revelation states he has his people (who remains spiritually pure in heart to him) even in the midst of the church obtaining rebukes (holding to bad doctrine, believing a false prophetess, and committing sexual immorality)
That being said I wouldn't make an idol out of finding the perfect church or group of people when our main goal our main task we follow Jesus not so worried about what Jesus is doing with John or any of his other servants. Who are we to be a judge?
According to scripture we have all the authority when led by the Holy Spirit to call out what is wrong look at Paul calling out Peter it is loving to guide those or lacking in knowledge into a greater understanding in a more perfect way for those who only knew the baptism of John and explaining the more perfect way Jesus t…

Which God is fearsome?

The God of all grace,  would not forgive me (?) for misunderstanding or being led astray by a doctrine of a demon
To believe I have to keep faithful to Jesus's words and actually do what He says to receive salvation Apart from Him, I can do nothing,   now with His spirit,  all grace abounds and the power to overcome all sin and this world and all power of the enemy is broken.
Believing while being un-submitted, unfollowing,  disobedient.. wrath comes on children of who? Disobedience
What profit is that, a wicked lazy servant
How do I fulfill the will of God  Whilst fulfilling the will, lusts and desires of myself or the flesh?  The soul that sins shall die
Flesh profits nothing
Those in the flesh cannot please God
Without faith, impossible to please God
Faith that is sanctified in me,  faith of Jesus overcomes the world
Those led by the Spirit will not fulfill the lusts and desires of the flesh,  
therefore,   His Holy Spirit of Truth in Christ, Spirit of Grace, Of His Son, of Adoption  is the wa…

EZ faith

Re: Ezekiel,  I need to study it again. 
Ch. 18, I wondered if the premise is similar to Jesus' words, " if you love me keep my commands "
Proving salvation,
from faith to faith, glory to glory, the just shall live by faith. We walk by faith.
Zaccheus did acts meet for repentance, desiring to make things right regarding his past sins.
"You will know them[false] by their fruits" , "they will know you by your love" 1st John 3:10 it's how you know: In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

Without repentance, no remission of sins ...Preaching Repentance & remission of sins in my name...  Hearken = hear and do If they do that which is lawful and right,  they shall live. Ezek. 18:21 If no fruit,  in danger of being hewn down and cast in the fire. Dead to law,  Married to another, Christ to bear fruit for God,  Workmanship created in Christ fo…