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True love from above

What is our level of holiness

He who practices righteousness is born of God he who loves is born of God
without Holiness no man shall see the Lord.

Pure religion, keep oneself undefiled from the world. And visit widows and orphans in their affliction (Help the helpless)

Simple step

Logic leap

Same verse. Salvation works. Work out salvation. Exercise (righteousness). Stretch a little.

Need a debrief. Shed the bad old flesh death nature. Need a holiness action plan
All in for righteousness, holiness and the Divine nature, the heavenly man.

Holiness mandatory by God. Our love for Him grows and expands our hearts. If anyone loves the world or anything in the world, the love of the Father is not in him. (An area God should occupy in our desires or life, but has not been forsaken by us, and became an idol or area of iniquity, unrighteous or sin) our separation from the world allows us time to learn and know and grow in our faith in Christ. We can see the death that sin is and desire to remove ourselves from every appearance of evil, and abhor and resist the devil and he will flee. 1 John 5….  Whole world in sway of wicked one. But we are in Christ Jesus who is True.

Look to Jesus, author and finisher of our faith. Restore the fellowship and communion with the Holy Ghost.

Good works from our knowing good God, and receiving all good things we desire to do what is pleasing to Him, He set up good works for us to walk in, so we do.

How to love others?

If Jesus appeared and asked for a fish sandwich, would you? If he asked for spare change, a few moments of your time, an opportunity to volunteer to help at a worthy cause… would you?

Matt 25…

See others as Jesus, and do it all as unto the Lord.

The key, if the love of God is in you, you will love as he loves you.  

The opportunity for you to love God whom you have not seen, is given to make your love known when you listen to the words Jesus spoke, “love, as I have loved you”

Then can we Love completely, wholly, without partiality, sincerely, and mercifully. ( love Mercy do justly walk humbly with God.)

Because His love filled us, cast out all fear and he asked us to do the same, so we do.

They know we are Christians by our love.


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