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For the Body


1. Audio Bible in your own speech, (from 2 minutes of talking). How? The opposite of how Speech to Text operates. It stores your input voice to decode what you say into text. Do the reverse and have a custom audio bible. Google "phoneme number English" and see:
 The 44 Phonemes in English. Despite there being just 26 letters in the English language there are approximately 44 unique sounds, also known as phonemes. The 44 sounds help distinguish one word or meaning from another.
 We ask for words with the phonemes of a language and divide and store them in a database. then the bible text is labeled with a pronunciation database (possible correlation from dictionary, care taken for words like read, which can sound like "reed" or "Red", depending on context.) and then a word is compiled from the phonemes from the phoneme database in near-real-time. Could change the interval based on processor level, 10 seconds at a time or one verse, then overwrite, so it does not use excess device memory. (Those who want an audio bible in their voice, can turn overwrite off.) Please see for feasibility example of text editing. (If through the automate process, a word doesn't sound right, the user can custom word record and insert/swap/overwrite.)

2. 3-D word mapping. (English text one side, Greek other, follow the trail through the texts, on different levels (literally) up/down, forward/back to make connections and gain greater understanding. Different themes/ Clouds/ mountain/ industrial/ tron/ industrial/ barn/farm/ etc.
Trails can be posted. (initial may be like a mind mapping software, with click-through ability. See the hierarchy on the left like folder view, see the focused information on the right, such as texts and highlighted word with Greek box, meaning, etc. click the Greek word, see other verses, link to Septuagint

3. personal journal - (currently un-renewed, parked website)
 - imagine beginning in the heavenly temple of God. Each account is a "lively stone" of the Temple of God (Eph 2:21), is one of our glowing faces (or profile pick). If you look down, see Christ, the Foundation (1 Cor. 3:11). Look up, see Christ, the Head, (over the church, whom we hold to and grow up together, built up in love. see Col. 1:18, Col. 2:19, Eph. 4:16) When you select a stone, see 3 things:
1. Life verse/ministry verse.
2. Current Praise Report/Spiritual Victory Report
3. Prayer Request (Spiritual in Nature - Focus on Overcoming Fleshly Desires/ Obstacles to Agape or Christ being formed in us)

Click on it, "transferred" to Kingdom of Light,  pass through the stone, enter into Eden-like setting, 3 noticeable features.

1. Stepping Stones (milestones of faith; dated; examples: profession of Faith, baptism, bringing someone to Christ, big events, God intervening and saving physical life, etc). They appear engraved, the stones lead through the garden, past the tree to the Altar/Strongtower. The ones not "updated" are clean (slates) awaiting God to move mightily and be engraved upon .

2. tree of life (or vine?) - Word of God on leaves.  Branches are topically labelled. (faith, hope, love, encouragement, promises, holiness, sanctification, everyday life, etc). Can highlight leaves- golden, string (with vines?) to others. Fruit tracker. - can update with specific moment of virtue, advancing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness or self control.

3. Altar/Strongtower - Depends which side you are on. The outside is an altar to God's faithfulness. Stones with engraving on outside to testify to God's faithfulness. Public View, Suggestions from OT Scripture, Red Sea, Promised Land, Deliverance of God, Goodness of God, when God works mighty, any praise report, For His Public Glory..(No other foundation to build upon other than Christ. Let each man be careful how he builds, some with precious materials, some with wood hay and straw. (1 cor.3:11-12, paraphrased)
On interior, is the Strongtower, Stones on foundation are visible, same as exterior, yet the interior is more personal, more intimate. Testimonies of when God heals a deep personal wound/hurt. When He delivered from that sin. When He showed up and worked mightily. When things are brought to mind, when parts of the past are redeemed for His glory. (Ohh, I went through that so I may help this person...) Rom. 8:28 All those good things He's working out for your good, because he called you and you love him.(paraphrase)
My hope is as some share, we gain courage from each other's struggle, and as we gain victory, we write (about) the wrong and see God working in us and through us, the power of a transformed life, to openly show and declare God's righteousness being formed in us. To help each other bear the burden to be built up and edified together. (#unashamed of power of gospel to save a life. me too.)

From the outside, the altar has a blank stone, when it is private and only view-able in the Strongtower. As they gain courage, and own their truth, and see it as be able to help another, they may choose to share and the empty space reveals publicly the power of God.

Possible to suggest prayer partners? people struggling in an area (multi-choice list, might be easier for someone than type it out) matched with those with some victory in the area (gambling, alcohol, lust, lying, overeating, etc.) Maybe a helpful/unhelpful rating system? so that those with powerful, effective testimonies appear to those struggling. Those who post a prayer request update, immediately after  presented with encouragement in suggestions of postings of victory from people who overcame in the same area. They can click through and read and see the other ways God has been faithful. And the scriptures that were instrumental and helpful to get them through. Get each excited to continue in the faith and keep progressing until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, as we mature to the full measure of the stature of Christ. (Eph. 4:13)


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