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For a Buddhist - please offer corrections

  1. Kingdom of Heaven is within you.(Lk 17:21) kingdom of God is not in food and drink, in
  2. righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Put to death the deeds of the flesh, and you
  3. shall live. As many as are led by the Spirit of God, are children of God. Jesus- Behold, my
  4. mother, brothers, sisters, those who do the will of God.
  5. Must be born again. if not have Spirit of Christ, none of His.
  6. actually most manuscripts not corrupted, spoke in parables for a reason, if the Gospel is hid, it
  7. is to those who are perishing.
  8. Not to believe God is to call Him a liar. Who has now called men everywhere to repent and
  9. believe on Him  ( Given Him a name above every name, ) Open show in raising Him from the
  10. dead. Buddha is still dead, please believe what Jesus says about Himself and the Afterlife.)
  11. Jesus talked more about Hell than Heaven, and if you love Him, keep His commands. You can
  12. be salt and light, showing (misled/misguided) Christians how to love others more, and loving
  13. God is will show through your compassion and self-sacrificial love to better another.
  14. be not overcome by evil, overcome evil with good.
  15. In this world you will have tribulation, take heart, I have overcome the world.
  16. John - works of God believe on Him whom He sent.
  17. As Father has life in Himself, Son has life in Himself.
  18. I don't judge, but if I judge, my judgement is just, the Word of Him who sent me.
  19. He is the judge of the living and the dead. (all judgement given to Him)
  20. As an ambassador for Christ, please be reconciled to God through Christ.

  21. The difference in Christianity is the God you don't know became a man (undercover Boss/ an
  22. avatar in the matrix of life) and showed us how to live for real (gave us a walk-through). So
  23. someone equal with God came from eternity, to show us God's love, and how we don't have to
  24. earn it, just believe in His righteousness, die to ourselfish behavior (cares of this life - it is
  25. temporary, and we have the unfailing truth and promise of the Word of God of Everlasting Life
  26. to come, so even if we die, no big deal, just do right. Be true to He who is True, faithfully
  27. commit our Souls to our faithful Creator in Well doing.) See 1 pet 2:4 -Escape corruption that is
  28. in this world through lust/desire/selfishness. He has life, He gives life, he gives peace, and
  29. every other way, isn't accepted by Him, because it originated from an outside source, and not
  30. from Him. True religion comes from God's one True Spirit.

  31. And the way to receive is Christ, His perfect sinless blood to atone and cleanse our
  32. unrighteousness forever to have perfect(complete) peace with God. Perfect(complete) love of
  33. God casts out fear. There is no condemnation for those in Christ (living in the Spirit). The love
  34. of God is poured into their hearts by the Holy Spirit, and the suffering comes from the
  35. knowledge of unrighteousness in our flesh, and how it must be conquered through His power
  36. and the love fulfills the law, our love will listen and adhere to His Word, His way for us, and
  37. being eternal, what benefit is the sin? What need to sin against myself in this way? I'll choose
  38. righteousness because God is, and called me to be, and rest on His righteousness, not
  39. desiring the fulfilling of the flesh, rather to live in love and bless others through the good news
  40. of being right with God.

  41. His Son, Jesus, is right with God, and we have the assurance, the confirmed prophetic Word,
  42. and the Faith in God who raises the dead. So we believe, so we speak.

  43. Not to be down on Buddhism, (I think all religions are basically the same - a works based
  44. religion) Either the world is right,(Jesus said the prince, the ruler of this world is judged –
  45. Satan, able to accuse because of the rules and laws, which is why works based (stems from
  46. within, or false spirit or "deity" (any(thing, one, etc.) not of God's Truth is false, called
  47. demons/devils in 1 Cor.)) Practicing X "religion" is not doing God service, nor is it properly
  48. "worshiping" (esteeming, valuing, appreciating, praising, thanking) God, nor hearing His Word
  49. (as God desires all to come to repentance and knowledge of the Truth, Saving Faith in His son,
  50. Jesus Christ. Righteousness is by Faith in God's Righteousness, and man's righteousness is
  51. but filthy rags before the HOLY GOD. Only Jesus is perfect, sinless man, so He was exalted,
  52. being 100% obedient to God, and our Faith is Loyalty to Him who Gives all Life, Breath and
  53. every Good thing. )  After salvation, love one another, Do right at all times, do all as unto the
  54. Lord Jesus, love good, and overcome evil with good (God's good deeds He's set for you to
  55. walk in.) Jesus explained Worshiping God is going to be done in Spirit and Truth. (both are
  56. from God and exclusive traits/Characteristics of God. God's Holiness is His Truth and His Spirit
  57. comes from reception of His Word as Truth in our hearts, (born again of His Word, incorruptible
  58. seed, the Word of God) and Sanctification is our working of the Salvation God's given us, our
  59. choice to allow God to work in us, through us, for His good pleasure. We are created in Christ
  60. Jesus for good works. to walk in those good deeds prepared for us from beginning of world.
  61. (not neglecting so great a salvation, work out your salvation with fear and trembling) or Jesus
  62. is Right with God. (Hint: His life (and sacrifice) was accepted by God because He rose from the
  63. dead, and His proven to be a True Prophet, and all His words verified. (But more than JUST a
  64. prophet, the Promised Messiah, the King, Lord of All ) Received into Heaven at the Ascension.
  65. (mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of peace, counselor, wonderful - from Isaiah) a desire
  66. for God's truth must be sincere and in the Heart, and He knows our hearts, and we belief in
  67. Him who is True.

  68. If you desire to do good deeds, go to the Light, that they may be manifest they are done in
  69. God. Why not go to Jesus for remission of your sins, and live the new life in the Spirit God has
  70. promised? Don't allow man's actions (hypocrisy) to get in your way of receiving the True Life
  71. spoken by Jesus.

  72. If you never submitted to the Truth and Authority of Jesus word's, you love something more
  73. than Him. If you believe His words, why not do what He said? (Luke 6:36) - Repent, be
  74. baptized, receive remission of sins, receive promise of Holy Ghost (ask the Father).) Then stay
  75. in His teachings (Built house on the Rock) IF you love me, you'll do what I said. I'll know you're
  76. my friends if you do what I ask. (He's the Master, you're the disciple, the disciple will not be
  77. greater, but as the Master (humility and equality in Christ). He gets to judge His own at the
  78. time. (my sheep hear my voice, they will not listen to another)

  79. If you cannot bear that. (God gives grace to the Humble) and accept that forgiveness and
  80. receive the everlasting love of God,
  81. You may go see Ezek 18, 33, and Rom 2. Everyone who does righteousness is accepted by
  82. God.
  83. Christ is True God and Everlasting Life.


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