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Similarities between technology and God

  1. Internet needs an inter-face. In order to access and present the data.
  2. God is spirit. No one has seen Him at any time. (we understand the things created are made by things unseen (Heb 11:3) )
  3. Jesus is the image of the invisible God.
  4. Everything was created through Him and for Him.
  5. Our physical interactions are through the interface of “life”. “Word of Life” (without Him we could do nothing)
  6. Need access key to enter the real realm of God (the spirit network)
  7. All who call on name of Lord will be saved. (need root level access to true life. Not in ourself to unlock. Only the true way is accepted (authorized … (Jesus has cred(-entials), (-it) to accomplish… Factory unlocked and reset to run the tru-way OS. still the virus is there, but able to be “checked” & overcome where power was not there before (sanctification, partaker in God’s holiness) Some have form of godliness and deny power thereof. (meaning, having the power of God to exercise and execute holiness, choosing life and the right way over (sin leading to) death. Love of the truth and God’s love within us is stronger than flesh’s temporary passing desire, Heavenly eternal desire and going the new true everlasting way will keep us in line with spirit and encouraged (heb 3:13). So that God’s will & desire (true faith [children  of obedience, wrath on children of disobedience] [keep my commands and abide in my love as I have kept my Father’s commands and abide in His love] unbroken chain of command is a unity in keeping the same. (even the least will be great, for they under the true, in the true, so will be exalted in due time (at resurrection of Just and Judgement seat of Christ, they heard the word, and kept it in full faith to fruition - blessed is He who hears and does, built house on rock. And great in kingdom is he who teaches and does.(outcome based). God judges impartiality, no respect of persons, each judged for deeds done in body (yes God knows heart, and yet, deeds judged, not intentions] You will know them by their fruits. They will know you by your love one for another; do all as unto the Lord, you serve the Lord Christ, and children of the inheritance, will receive reward. In as you have done for the least of these, have done for me, Matt 25) Our love for LORD is expressed through our LOVE (self denial leading to SERVICE - AGAPE LEVEL SACRIFICIAL LOVE) For others. Loving GOD with ALL leads to second command LOVING neighbor AS/ GREATER than SELF. Want to be great be a servant to all. Jesus set standard, we ought to walk as HE walked. WE ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. (God loved them, Christ died for them, all connected through same spirit of truth whom world cannot receive. Same spirit works through you all, peace in unity of spirit, bond of perfection, love, be of same mind toward one another. No pride, selfish arguments, knowledge puffs up, love (agape) builds up). Love teaches, corrects, encourages, instructs and leads by example and shows the right way. Love doesn’t let a brother continue in the wrong way (GOD WILL JUDGE! AHH, QUICK REPENT!!!!)  ) will come to pass and fruition and yield fruit of righteousness (after our being exercised through chastening of the Lord). [Married to another, Christ, to yield(bear) fruit for God]
  8. Only Admin/Author(ized) [-and finisher of faith] can remove the log history in our account to give us the “hookup” on our account (because His account is unlimited and can write off the debts (the wrongs we did (that were) against God (we were against God and enemies of God in our mind - before faith(believing Him(enough) to do the right thing)
  9. And give us (grace is a gift of faith, through our choosing Him by faith) (faith works through love) (love poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit)  right standing in the kingdom “cloud” for the next upgrade Life nu.0 =perfect and righteous. Only one with proper credentials can, and willing to(o)? Confess him and he confesses us. Oh, that was easy. Don’t give up, keep on believing. He’ll keep revealing... His faithfulness.
  10. Otherwise, running in a simulation and the moderator is unrighteous, and limited to the simulation
  11. You cannot see a “virus” in the computer, but can see results (bad fruit) (it’s not working right)
  12. Righteousness is when everything is working “right” (according to the established order, the rules of God, to the will and desire of God)
  13. Unrighteousness is when it’s* (the thought = spirit [ of rebellion/disobedience] which is allowed to proceed into action and bear fruit =[ sin (err)] ) not running right, or an errant action, against God, or unsanctioned by God, and bears its own unrighteous fruit. (source of evil, not believing God, Trusting God, listening to God, that what He says is Highest and utmost right (Does God have to explain Himself to His creation? Could they comprehend or understand (the fullness of His ways?) He justs asks them to follow simple orders. It’s understood in experiencing, and knowing the rightness God has in His ways being followed, completed and executed according to his Word and then LIFE LIVED GOD’S WAY is TRUE. and then that’s faith. Faith follows through to completion (perfection) from faith to faith and glory to glory. (how? Listening to the spirit of truth leads and guides in the true(st) way of life.

*What is it? Life, or something, anything, that yields an outcome. Either 1. Righteous = in will of God (in the Light of what’s Right) or 2. Unrighteous (not in line with will and Word of God. walking in darkness, stumbling, facing the wrong way, going the wrong way. Repenting, turning and going the right way. Please see Ezekiel 18 and 33 for more insight.  

God is greater. Moses a servant - see Abraham/Hagar - Law and Sarah- Faith argument Paul articulates.
4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.
5 And Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after;
6 But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.
(Heb 3:4-6) Main point v. 6: IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF we hold fast the confidence. Choice. Free will Choice.
Christ’s house? Built together into a spiritual temple for the Lord, we are lively stones. Our body is the temple of God (not us alone, like a building block, a stone or something) Not complete until all “get in” please see revelation why the martyrs are waiting. (how long til we are avenged? Not until your brethren

See: REV 6 :9-11


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