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EZ faith

Re: Ezekiel,  I need to study it again. 

Ch. 18, I wondered if the premise is similar to Jesus' words, " if you love me keep my commands "

Proving salvation,

from faith to faith, glory to glory, the just shall live by faith. We walk by faith.

Zaccheus did acts meet for repentance, desiring to make things right regarding his past sins.

"You will know them[false] by their fruits" , "they will know you by your love"
1st John 3:10 it's how you know:
In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

Without repentance, no remission of sins
...Preaching Repentance & remission of sins in my name... 
Hearken = hear and do
If they do that which is lawful and right,  they shall live. Ezek. 18:21
If no fruit,  in danger of being hewn down and cast in the fire.
Dead to law,  Married to another, Christ to bear fruit for God, 
Workmanship created in Christ for good (God) works (in and through) 
Saved by grace through faith, (our free will faith "activating" grace, denying our desires,  allowing his will to overrule us, desiring righteousness, and allowing His grace to be sufficient for the tasks he has called us to, ) working out salvation, not neglecting gift, not denying power,  not failing grace of God, not quenching, grieving, the spirit of our God
Without faith (doing the right thing) it's impossible to please God*
Better is obedience than sacrifice
Behold goodness and severity of God
Judged deeds good or bad, no partiality
Acts10: 34-35 , Romans 2: 6-11

*believe is trusted commitment.  How does a Christian build their house on the rock?  hear and do Jesus sayings. 
If you believe He has the words of everlasting life , those words are truth , they are spirit and they are life … why would you not take them and why would you not give your life to them? why would you not practice and perfect them ? why would you not live in that manner and that way?
The will of God the sanctification of our soul, that would be conformed into the image of Christ, we ought to walk as he walked, 1st John writes that we may not sin, it's not for the student to be above the teacher or the disciple above the master but as, chastised 
Exercised to yield a peaceful fruit of righteousness, that we would be partakers of God's holiness, the testing in trial of our faith is more valuable to God than gold ,
what manner of people we should be perfecting Holiness in the fear of God- without Holiness no man shall see the Lord,
 there is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus who walk according to the spirit, if you are led by the spirit you will not fulfill the lusts and desires of the flesh, for if by the spirit you put to death the Deeds of the flesh, you shall surely live. 

Is the church ready to die for testimony and witness of Jesus? Steadfast faith,  bold to proclaim, not afraid of man

Ezek. 33:8-9 - must we warn them or are we being complicit, approving by not being vexed /grieved /outraged by the sin (jude: ungodly deeds that they ungodly did) 

If a helpless person was mercilessly being verbally and physically abused in public,  and we just went to the other side of the sidewalk, avoided, gossiped quietly, pointed,  got out video cameras on phones(are you going to watch it later) and allowed it to transpire, by not calling 911, verbally calling out, 
nor attempting to physically stopping,  Even some with pepper spray and tasers and tranquilizer blow darts.  And the victim dies.

are we accessories through apathy,  cowardice, or collective agreement in the way of unrighteousness(it's the way of the world, survival of the fittest)  in this present evil day and age? 

An analogy of satan's tyranny when we (believers with "greater is he in us" power) are armed and equipped to stop it,  cannot be under fear of death, and standing in faith(victoriously overcoming, seated with Christ in heavenly places) at same time

 All that's needed is for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing...


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