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Test all, hold fast

I found some interesting posts and was inspired to write :

You mentioned "didn't get out"

Is it "get out" of "the" church or of Babylon/ world order/ cove-church-ness / churchianity?

Reasons: personal relationship.  Worship in spirit and truth (not localized like on a mountain or in Jerusalem), don't know where they come from or go,  blow like wind (Spirit led)

Do mainline churches engage in temple worship? (Judge by outside appearance) do their "disciples" believe? Do they hear and do?
Is their focus entertainment or serving the lord,  confirming into the image of christ.* Knowing these things will be burned up, what manner of people we should be perfecting holiness in fear of God 

Rev 3:16-17,poor blind naked, 
Ezek 33:31, unbelieving, disobedient, unfaithful, hypocrite, (you pick - if hear and not do)

Jesus said "will I find faith when I return"?

Test yourself if in the faith, judgment begins at house of God

*proving to yourself that perfect will of God, making your calling and election sure

Websites food for thought:

Groomsdaypreppers. Com

Pamela shepherd publishing

Chip brogden

Is it the apostasy to leave the institutional church?
Or to forsake Jesus clear words and teachings:  walking by faith and being led by the holy spirit of truth into
1. self control,  growing in sanctification and Christ likeness, partaking of God's holiness.
2. God's good Agape deeds He has prepared for us to walk in

Faith working through love

1st John 3 9 and 10


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Check Yourself

When believers are pressed. Do you love "this" more than Christ?

Keep yourself from idols, including false notions of belief , conforming God to our image Vs. We see to be conformed into Christ's image.

A simple gospel message, OT  Ps. 22, Isa. 53, Isa. 52, 61, PS. 103:12, Joel 2:8

Then a challenge, I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
So prove it.
All social media, all contacts. Same message.

No doctrinal dogma, this is what God says about Salvation.
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